Thursday, April 30, 2009

Should Pakistan become Iran or Iraq?

The great debate is going on about what to do about the Taliban. Agreed that perhaps they should not have picked up the gun to implement Shariah...

Nevertheless, it is actually not the gun which is irritating us but the idea of reverting to Islam.

We were comfortable with our tailor-made Islam as opposed to the God-scribed Islam.

Perhaps we are so in love with our begone lifestyles that we would rather turn into Iraq today than have an Islamic revolution like that of Iran brought by Khumeni.

Remember, Iraq was also America's friend and ally for a long time, before America completed its use with it and dusted it off into a pile of burning ashes.

Remember, that if the Taliban happen to be the right ones in the Eyes of Allah SWT (no harm in imagining and giving it some percentage of possibility) then we are in for trouble, for there is no distance between the curse of the oppressed and Allah SWT.

Hold on the military operation and the resistance to Shariah and the propaganda about Taliban and think carefully...Hold on before you make the wrong choice...and you have to make one, there is no more sitting on the fence...Hold on before another friend, Pakistan, turns into Iraq.

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